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Friday’s results: Tappan Zee-Blind Brook post-game notes, Ursuline drubs Mount Vernon; running post

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Here are Mike Zacchio’s post-game notes from the Tappan Zee at Blind Brook game:

RYE BROOK — Clutch free throw shooting helped propel Blind Brook to a 59-48 win over Tappan Zee at home Friday afternoon. Read the game story and view a photo gallery here [1].

For most of the game, and the especially for the first half, this was a very close game. The Trojans led just 26-24 at the half, and both teams were playing about even with one another.

Both teams were in foul trouble, both teams had trouble shooting the ball, and both teams just couldn’t seem to get into a real groove. Blind Brook eventually pulled away in the fourth quarter, thanks in large part to Tappan Zee senior Kristen McLaughlin (pictured right) fouling out with 59.2 seconds left, but by then the game was still kind of out of reach.

McLaughlin left the game with 16 points (no 3-pointers).

Blind Brook senior Ally Silfen was utterly dominant all game — there’s no way to sugarcoat it. Silfen scored 21 points, grabbed 13 rebounds, blocked five shots, and was a blistering 11-of-12 from the free throw line.

Between Silfen (pictured left, shooting), and her fellow towering senior, Jackie Lavitt (18 points, eight rebounds, pictured above with McLaughlin), the Trojans were able to exploit the Dutchies’ lack of height and give them more than enough to handle in the paint.

“I think it helped with getting layups,” Silfen said of the height advantage. “(Tappan Zee) took a lot of (3-pointers), so I guess it gave us an advantage down low.”

Blind Brook didn’t bother with many shots from the field Friday, and did not take a single 3-pointer all game.

“It really depends,” Silfen said of Blind Brook’s 3-point shooting. “But there was a height advantage and there were gaps.”

Both teams were in foul trouble virtually all game, committing 38 fouls combined (Tappan Zee – 20, Blind Brook – 18).

Needless to say, with all the fouls, there were plenty of opportunities for free points. Blind Brook took full advantage of the charity stripe, shooting 19-for-26 from the line, while the Dutchies weren’t as successful, going just 11-for-20.

Blind Brook’s clutch shooting really came in handy in the second half, as the Trojans, who were 15-for-17 in the half, outscored the Dutchies, 33-24 en route to the win.

“This may be the best free throw shooting display that we’ve had all year,” Blind Brook coach Manny Martinez said. “And believe me, we needed that.”

As rough as the shooting night was for the Dutchies, you can’t really knock McLaughlin, who was 8-for-10 from the line.

The game definitely had its share of controversy, especially on Tappan Zee’s end.

Dutchies coach Tom Cromer (pictured right, and yes, that’s my head under his right forearm) requested to protest the game with just under five minutes remaining in the first half (the game was tied 16-16, mind you), after officials told senior Colleen Taylor that she had to have her knee brace covered.

Taylor, who has worn a “Bledsoe brace” on her left knee virtually all season, has asked to wrap the brace, or cover it with a sleeve to continue playing. Cromer argued that under NCAA rules, players are no longer required to cover such gear, stating that the ruling was changed three years ago.

I took the liberty of looking up the 2012-13 NCAA women’s basketball rules [2] and regulations and found the following information:

Section 9. Players’ Equipment

Art. 1. The referee shall not permit any player to wear equipment that in his or her judgment is dangerous to other players.

Art. 2. Elbow, hand, finger, wrist or forearm guards, casts or braces made of fiberglass, plaster, metal or any other nonpliable substance, shall be prohibited.

Art. 3. The prohibition of the use of hard substance material does not apply to the upper arm, shoulder or leg when the material is padded so as not to create a hazard for other players.

Art. 4. Pliable (flexible or easily bent) material, covered on all exterior sides and edges with no less than 1/2-inch thickness of a slow-rebounding foam, may be used to immobilize and protect an injury.

Art. 5. Equipment that could cut or cause an injury to another player shall be prohibited, without respect to whether the equipment is hard. Excessively long fingernails shall be prohibited.

Art. 6. Equipment used shall be appropriate for basketball. Basketball knee braces may be worn when they are covered properly. A protector for any injured facial bone, even though made of hard material, shall be permissible when it does not endanger other players. Eyeglass and mouth guard protectors are appropriate equipment when they meet the qualifications outlined in this rule.

Now, according to the rules listed above, it seems like Taylor’s brace should have in fact been covered, as it was made of metal. However, I also think that it is something the officials should have addressed before the game, not right in the middle of a tied ball game.

Taylor had the brace wrapped and returned to the game, finishing with nine points for the Dutchies. Fellow senior Chrissie Ryan (pictured below) was the only player other than McLaughlin in double digits, dropping 13 points in the loss.

Later in the game, and even more controversial call was made after Blind Brook guard Lea Saliba (pictured above, dribbling) was fouled on a layup attempt with about 3:30 left in regulation. Saliba missed the layup, and was ready to take two free throws. Then, out of nowhere, the official tells the scorer’s table that the basket was good, and that Saliba would shoot one free throw.

I don’t know what the official saw, but I didn’t see it go in, the table (mostly Blind Brook personnel) said it didn’t go in, the Tappan Zee fans (angrily) said it didn’t go in, and even coach Martinez said after the game that it didn’t go in.

Luckily for Blind Brook, they won by such a large margin that few people can really argue that the affected the outcome of the game. Still, it was easily the worst call I’ve seen in a very long time.

Photos taken by John Meore/The Journal News

By the numbers: Tappan Zee (6-6) at Blind Brook (13-2)

No ‘oops’ from this Ally: Blind Brook senior Ally Silfen was a force to be reckoned with Friday, succeeding on every part of the floor (21 points, 13 rebounds, five blocks, 11-12 FT).

What Sixth Man?: Neither team had bench scoring Friday afternoon, the starters did all the scoring, and all 10 starters scored.

Back pains: Tappan Zee guard Kristen McLaughlin has been having an impressive year so far, but can’t seem to get much help from her supporting cast on the offensive side of the ball. Despite a sub-par shooting night, McLaughlin was 8-for-10 from the line, while the rest of her team was just 3-for-10.

Free throwin: Blind Brook was lights out from the line Friday, shooting 19-for-26 as a team,

Free fallin: Tappan Zee continued its struggles in the second half of the season, losing its fifth game in the last seven contests.

** Westchester/Putnam “Coaches vs. Cancer” at Mahopac Update: The girls games tonight have been cancelled due to the impending bad weather and are rescheduled for tomorrow. More details to follow.

Here are the scores we received tonight:

Hen Hud 44, John Jay 42

Holy Child 62, Marymount 29

Hackley 64, St. Luke’s 41

Blind Brook 59, Tappan Zee 48

Horace Greeley 61, Briarcliff 45

Harvey 37, Forman 27

Ursuline 83, Mount Vernon 53

Pearl River 89, North Rockland 66

Croton-Harmon 39, Fox Lane 28

Sleepy Hollow 56, Pelham 50

Woodlands 68, Ursuline B 49

Prediction recap:

Today’s record: 8-3
Season record: 189-62

Here are the game recaps from today’s action:

Hen Hud 44, John Jay 42: At Hen Hud, Cassidy Boyle had 16 points and Amy Glashoff had eight points. Sarah Lang had 17 points for the Indians.

Holy Child 62, Marymount 29: At Holy Child, Josie Amerson had 15 points and 11 rebounds. Maggie Welsh added 10 points and Shannon O’Connor had eight steals.

Hackley 64, St. Luke’s 41: At Hackley, Allie Coppola had 29 points and 13 rebounds. Stefanie Frolo had 12 points and 10 rebounds. Ally Mueller had 11 points. (The Hornets are shown right)

Harvey 37, Forman 27: At Forman, Chinasa Nwokocha had 12 points and Gabriel Paulhac had 10 points. Daly Naughton had seven points.

Croton-Harmon 39, Fox Lane 28: At Fox Lane, Grace Mulligan had 14 points and Dani Douglas had 12 points. Kate Dymes had six points. Haley Gallagher had seven points and 10 rebounds and Christie Lombardi had 12 rebounds for Fox Lane.
[3]Horace Greeley 61, Briarcliff 45: Jackie Brett (pictured left) had 24 points and Lauren Brown had 13. Summer Horowitz had 23 points, going 11 for 13 from the free throw line for the Bears.

Ursuline 83, Mount Vernon 53: At Ursuline, Lindsey Bettke had 20 points for the Koalas. Brianna Lamadore added 15 points. Grace Brennan had 13 points. Alyssa Lawrence had 10 points and eight rebounds. Rianna Peduzzi and Kristin Poreres each had nine points. Infinity Hammonds had 17 points for the Knights. Lubirdia Gordan had 11 points and Delphynia Sparks added 10. Brittney Williams had nine points.

Sleepy Hollow 56, Pelham 50: At Pelham, Grace Carr had 18 points and Alex Davis-Sumter had 12. Dani Moretti and Vittoria Volpe each had 12 points for the Pelicans. Campbell Fee had 11 rebounds.

Riverside 53, Gorton 44: At Gorton, Briana Ugarte had 27 points. Jessica Degree had 16 points, and Patricia Gomez had 13 points for Gorton.

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#1 Comment By billy On January 25, 2013 @ 9:24 pm

Can anybody predict what the seedings will look like for class A? I’m a Rockland guy curious to see what kind of seeds Pearl River, Nanuet, Tappan Zee and Albertus will get. Somebody please give me some help here!

#2 Comment By hsbbfan On January 25, 2013 @ 9:36 pm

Im surprised the Gordon girl isnt much more dominant than she is.

#3 Comment By Philip Terrigno On January 25, 2013 @ 9:59 pm

She’s been battling a hip flexor injury all season and the huge scoring numbers haven’t been consistent but clearly her coaches at WVU see potential.

#4 Comment By Bert Pifruck On January 25, 2013 @ 10:30 pm

From the website
For Billy and Rockland fans
NR -6th seed
Cl.S-7th seed
East Ramapo-14 th seed
Suffern 19th

pR -2nd seed
AM-5th seed

#5 Comment By Section 1 Man On January 25, 2013 @ 10:54 pm

Mike Z., Lavitt plays the 5, center for Blind Brook. Silfen play the 4 3 and 2 for Blind Brook and is a forward/guard and not the center. Silfen leads the team in 3’s. Saliba plays the point and off guard. No big deal. Just being accurate.

#6 Comment By hsbbfan On January 26, 2013 @ 1:47 am

Ok thanks

#7 Comment By Section 1 On January 26, 2013 @ 9:49 am

Blind brook only plays with three players on the floor?

#8 Comment By Section 1 Man On January 26, 2013 @ 11:45 am

Section 1, no, just correcting the article, Lavitt is the center and not Silfen. OB plays the point and off guard and Shannon Reedy play the 3 plus the bench. I was dissing no one and just responding to mistakes in the article.

#9 Comment By Pita Bread notb On January 26, 2013 @ 12:32 pm

Is there any details for the woodlands vs Ursuline B?

#10 Comment By Tojans on a run On January 26, 2013 @ 9:08 pm

Phil, the NCAA rules book has 10 Rules (chapters). The section 9 you are referring to is in Rule 3 of the rules book according to the NCAA website. The girls public high school basketball rules in NYS are modified from NCAA rules so not all rules are the same so you quoting the NCAA rules book may not be correct. try – [5]

#11 Comment By Mike Zacchio On January 26, 2013 @ 9:25 pm

I wrote the post-game notes; the “author” is assigned to whoever created the original post, so there are times I write something that may say “By Phil Terrigno” and vice versa. I quickly searched it, more out of curiosity than anything else. The coaches kept yelling about the NCAA rules, which is why I searched those. Thank you for the link.

#12 Comment By Mountie Hoops On January 26, 2013 @ 10:42 pm

I have been to over 25 college games this season and a girl on my daughters team wears a Bledsoe Brace.. 3 games before the game started they asked her to cover it..but the rest they didn’t a bit weird( either ask her to wrap it all games or none) but I guess it’s one of those rules if the refere deems it( judgement call) unsafe ??

#13 Comment By DaRock On January 26, 2013 @ 10:59 pm

@Bert Pifruck what website is that information from?

#14 Comment By ??? On January 27, 2013 @ 9:57 pm

Few questions?

Was the Blind Brook coach complaining about the brace? & Is that why it was called late? Officials had to have seen it before hand.

Did the Blind Brook coach or another official tell the referee it did not go in? Some coaches actually do this, most will not….. I know.

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